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Since the 1960s, Pascal Monkam CEO of SEM Group (Monkam Establishments Company) is very active in the hospitality industry. The hotels La Falaise are some of the best hotels in Cameroon. In Cameroon, the group is present in Douala-Bonanjo, Douala-Akwa, Yaoundé and Bafang (Western region). At the international level, the group has magnificent twin towers in Pretoria (South Africa), not to mention the Maxim, Park Lodge and Pretoria hotels.
Last jewel of the SEM group, the Hotel La Falaise Bonapriso is a 4-star establishment with an ultra contemporary.


We are committed to ensuring that all our actions are in line with our values:


  • Respect

° Between every staff member;

° To each of our guests.

  • Integrity

° To oneself;

° In any action at work.

  • Hospitality

° Joy ;

° Warm welcome ; we want each of our guests to feel at home.

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